What is the difference between DLP and LCD TVs. Which is better ?

Answer DLP uses Hi speed mirrors as the medium to create a picture, and LCD uses Crystal shutters in a liquid as it's medium.....Remember all the noise about response time? Imagine holding a foot race in ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a plasma TV and LCD TV Which is better?

LCDs are slightly cheaper than Plasma TVs. They are also about half the weight. It really depends on your budget and room. Plasmas start at 42" diagonal and LCDs start small: 15"I just purchased th... Read More »

What is the difference between LCD & Plasma TV.Which is better?

Here is the comparison between both the technologies;LCD Display Advantages >>>>Good color reproduction,Good for brightly lit rooms,Very thin,Lightweight,Perfect sharpness at native resolution,No s... Read More »

Which is better, xp or vista what is the major difference between the two?

In two and a half weeks Windows 7 is coming out, get that.Vista in the 32 bit Home Premium version is extremely solid. With any Vista the OS hogs RAM, which is why you saw the average RAM in a com... Read More »

What is the difference between Facebook and Myspace Which one is better?

I like facebook lots better cause its less confusing and its a more kid friendly area. yes u can decorate your profile on myspace but i dont think its nearly as much fun as facebook