What is the difference between Co-operative society and Condominium?

Answer In USA, and possibly in other locales, condominium is unique to a form of real estate ownership. A condominium community is governed by a set of governing documents that usually defines a board of ... Read More »

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How many members are required for a co-operative housing society?

It is unclear from your question where the 'society' might be located. There may be different definitions in different countries for 'co-operative housing society'. In USA, a co-operative housing s... Read More »

What is the difference between a condominium unit and a condominium phase?

A condominium unit is a single unit in a condominium project, whether residential or commercial. A condominium phase is a development period, during which a developer builds, finishes and/or sells... Read More »

What is the difference between villa and a condominium?

a villa is ground level. it comes from spanish/mexican for dwelling. a condominium can be on ground level, but is always in a high rise building

What is the difference between a duplex and a condominium?

By definition, a duplex implies two. Commonly, a duplex is a pair of homes joined by at least one wall. A condominium is a unit that is owned by a single owner, who also owns a share of the common... Read More »