What is the difference between Chinese herbal medicine and the Western herbs?

Answer There are thousands of herbs used in traditional chinese medicine. They have studied them there and proven over thousands of years their effectiveness in healing the body and conditions......these... Read More »

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Would you prefer herbal or western medicine why?

Both types of medicine have their place. The problem we are faced with today is that western medicine has essentially ignored the definition of health and supports and promotes, "MAKE BELIEVE HEAL... Read More »

Do accutane and Chinese herbal medicine work well together?

When in doubt, check with your doctor. I mean your actual medical doctor, not your "herbal expert."It should be fine since Accutane is an actual medication & herbs are just herbs & don't really do ... Read More »

How to Maintain Clear Skin Using Western and Chinese Herbs?

Here are "Outside in" and "Inside out" methods of skincare using Western and Chinese Herbs.

Hay Fever Treatment Easy With Surprising Simple Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescription?

It's amazing how Chinese Herbal Medicine can help & cure certain illness or sickness so easily while Western medicine have such a hard time & only covers the symptoms. Many people don't trust Chine... Read More »