Isn't Japanese food FAR BETTER than Chinese food Chinese food is disgusting! What do you think?

Answer I think you should stop posting questions about a Japanese superiority that doesn't exist.

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Japanese or chinese food?

What Food is Best: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?

I could eat Japanese food every day of my life, we have perfected udon soups at home and agadashi dofu. We also make our own sushi and tempura is next on the hit list. I just love the differences... Read More »

Food for you... Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Thai?

Vietnamese is my favorite, because of its fresh ingredients, very little fat or oil and tastiness. Fortunately it can be had in almost every city in the US.Try the Pho Tai, its a hearty clear soup ... Read More »

Italian, Japanese, French, or Chinese food, which one is your favorite?