What is the difference between Bake or Broil and when would you use them?

Answer Bake is an even environment of heat, whereas Broil is intense heat from one direction. You bake a cheap steak, you broil anything sirloin or better. Bake to make the bread, broil to toast slices of... Read More »

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What is the difference between london broil&flank steak?

State and federal statutes regulate the labeling of meats. The purpose of these regulations is to insure that sellers use true names which identify the part of the animal from which the meat has be... Read More »

If i wanna get crispy style fried style onion slices would I put it as bake or broil in the oven?

BAKE! at about 375 to 400 degrees. Baking heats the air around the food and it should cook evenly around. Broiling is for things like quick sear the top of bread (45 sec to 1 min) or a steak for 4 ... Read More »

When you want to mash potatos, do you boil them or do you bake them?

first i peel them, quarter them and then boil them and when you mash them put in milk and butter, if you want to get creative try adding creme of mushroom soup or some other creme soup it turns out... Read More »

What's difference between "bake" and "roast"?

To bake is to cook in an oven, while to roast is to be cooked in direct heat which could be an oven or an open flame such as a grill. When you are referring to pastries or delicate foods such as ca... Read More »