What is the difference between Alcoholism and Alcohol abuse?

Answer Heavy drinking once each week is binge drinking,very harmful.Alcoholism is a disease,often inherited.Alcohol abuse is drinking too much & not being able to control your actions or behaviour.

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Is alcoholism connected to child abuse?

Yes! look at the historical Crawford case. Mommie was tanked when she launched the so-called Night Raids. if she was sober, it would not have happened. look at also the fatal auto accidents like th... Read More »

How many cases of child abuse are caused by alcohol abuse?

No one knows. I know of about 100 right now.but probuly about 500

What is drug&alcohol abuse?

Alcohol and drug abuse can be difficult to understand and identify, as the terms get used interchangeably with addiction terminology. It's important to understand the difference between abuse and a... Read More »

Grants for Alcohol Abuse?

Every American in some way or another is affected by alcohol abuse. There are grants available to school systems to create programs that help reduce alcohol abuse. The U.S. Department of Education ... Read More »