What is the difference between 5g and 3g aircard?

Answer I wish there was a way. Apple designed it to show timestamps on 15 minute intervals.

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How to Set Up an Aircard?

Wireless broadband adapters, sometimes called "aircards," are network adapters that allow desktop or laptop computers to connect to cellular networks for Internet access. Most adapters use USB or P... Read More »

What is an AirCard laptop?

An AirCard laptop is a portable laptop computer with an integrated AirCard. An AirCard is a wireless modem that provides broadband Internet access by communicating with phone towers. The service is... Read More »

How to Use a Verizon AirCard?

A Verizon AirCard provides Internet access, even where Wi-Fi hot spots and Ethernet Internet connections are unavailable. AirCards connect via USB or PC Card slots on computers, ultimately connecti... Read More »

How to Use a Prepaid SIM With an AirCard?

AirCards offer high-speed Internet access in areas where wireless and Ethernet broadband connections are unavailable. However, while five gigabytes of data per month may cost only $60 when in the U... Read More »