What is the difference between 4GB & 8GB of ram ,it makes computer fast?

Answer That's good. Your computer recognized the chip. It will increase how much memory your computer can process at a time. If you multitask, RAM plays a big role. Think of your processor speed as how fa... Read More »

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What makes a computer fast?

A number of things can affect a computer's speed, including the efficiency of its operating system and application software and the speed of individual hardware components. The most important thing... Read More »

What makes a computer run fast?

Mainly a user who knows what they are doing! The hard drive along with other hardware has an effect on how fast the PC runs. Amount of Ram, processor speed, etc....

Which computer component makes it run fast?

Several components determine the speed of a computer. Most of these components work together to provide an optimal experience for the user. The central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (... Read More »

What makes a computer fast or slow?

Many variables cause a computer to run fast or slow. The speed of a computer is determined by the amount of gigahertz it contains. According to, "Megahertz and gigahertz are used to measu... Read More »