What is the differce Warming blanket vs electric blanket?

Answer A heating blanket usually comes in a bed size that you would keep on your bed where as a warming blanket is usually smaller like something you would wrap just your legs or upper body up in. Heating... Read More »

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What is the difference warming blanket vs electric blanket?

Electric blanket and warming blanket are two different terms for the same item. In 1990, in the American Journal of Epidemiology published an article about an increased risk of brain tumors and chi... Read More »

What is a neonatal warming blanket?

A neonatal warming blanket is a blanket designed to warm newborns right after birth. Babies are at risk for developing hypothermia, especially if they are preterm. A warming blanket is wrapped arou... Read More »

How Do I Attach Blanket Binding to a Hand-Knit Blanket?

Hand-knit blankets are especially warm and cozy and wonderful to give as gifts. They can be given to babies, children or adults as gifts for birthdays, showers or Christmas. Binding a hand-knit bla... Read More »

Why is our electric blanket doing this to us?

The blanket has a short. Stop using it & return it.