What is the diffence between Jarda and GanjaDo they all contain tambaku?

Answer Here is the chemicals on the herb ganja:Cannabis (also known as marijuana[1] or ganja[2] in its herbal form and hashish in its resinous form[3]) is a psychoactive product of the plant Cannabis sati... Read More »

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What diffence between 8x and 16 x on dvd-r discs?

16x will record at 16 times the playing speed, whereas 8x will record at only 8x the playing speed. In other words 16x discs will record a DVD twice as fast as the 8x discs.So if, for example, it ... Read More »

Are you smarter than a fifth grader says that there are 2 days of the week that contain a diphthong What other one are they thinking?

If mouth washes that contain alcohol are no good why do they still make them?

Alcohol dries out the tissues in your mouth and actually makes breathe problems worse. Dry mouths retain food debris around the teeth and oral cavity more and this leads to more mouth odors.As I se... Read More »

Small bumps between fingers what can they be?

You've got eczema. My daughter has had it all her life. Go see a dermatologist.