What is the diamond's streak color?

Answer The streak of a mineral, such as a diamond, is the color that it forms when crushed into a powder. In the case of a diamond, the streak is clear.Source:StreakDiamond

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I have jet black hair, and i wanted to put one streak of outrageous color in it. What color should i use?

How to Put a Streak of Color in Your Hair?

Do you want to express yourself in a permanent way? Are you too young to get a piercing? A streak of color in your hair is the perfect thing to do!

What color streak would olivine give on an unglazed tile?

Minerals are identified by a series of descriptions, like hardness, color, luster, density, and streak. Streak is the color of the powdered mineral, and can best be seen by scraping the sample agai... Read More »

What gives diamonds their color?

Diamonds become colored in a number of ways. Trace elements in a gem may color diamonds. For example, nitrogen turns them yellow. Exposure to radiation, and inclusions or impurities can also color ... Read More »