How far is Io from Jupiter?

Answer The closest moon of Jupiter, Io, orbits at a distance of 421,600 kilometers from the center of the planet. Io is known for its volcanic activity and emissions of sulfur. The moon was discovered by ... Read More »

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How was jupiter formed?

Jupiter is 2.5 times larger than the rest of the planets in our solar system combined. Like the other gaseous Jovian planets (Saturn, Neptune and Uranus) it contains mostly hydrogen and helium.Orig... Read More »

What is Jupiter's density?

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, has a density of 1.33 grams per cubic centimeter. A gas giant, Jupiter's density is less than one-fourth that of terrestrial Earth. Jupiter lies bet... Read More »

Inside Jupiter 2 where did the pod fit in?

Does Jupiter have water?

Jupiter has a small amount of water. The Galileo space probe, launched by NASA in 1989, reached Jupiter in 1995 and measured water in the planet's atmosphere. Jupiter's atmosphere also contains abo... Read More »