What is the diameter of a human hair?

Answer Because people have different hair structures, no standard hair diameter exists. Genetic makeup, color, weather, and age all affect the diameter of human hair. According to researcher Brian Ley, ha... Read More »

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What Thickens the Diameter of Hair?

Thirty million American women and 50 million men have hair loss, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Thinning hair is a symptom of such hair loss and can be disconcerting. Thinning ha... Read More »

What is the importance of human hair?

Humans developed hair through the evolutionary process to serve as an aid for survival. Today, hair not only performs these functions but has become a significant part of most cultures.InsulationHa... Read More »

What is the Function of Human Hair?

The main function of human hair is protection from elements, predators and microbes in their environment that threaten safety and health. This is why humans develop hair in the most vital areas, su... Read More »

What are the parts of the human hair?

Most of us will admit that the tiny strands of protein we know as hair receive more care and attention than we want other people to know. Although hair has the ability to make or break a good day,... Read More »