What is the diameter of Neptune in miles?

Answer At its equator, the diameter of Neptune is 30,775 miles. Neptune is nearly four times the size of Earth and is 17 times as heavy. You cannot see it without a telescope.Source:NASA World Book: Neptune

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How big is Neptune in diameter?

Neptune, the eighth planet away from the sun in our solar system, has a diameter at its equator of 30,775 miles. This makes it fourth in terms of size of the planets in the solar system, behind Jup... Read More »

What is the diameter& mass of Neptune?

Neptune, the eighth planet from the sun, has a diameter of 30,775 miles. The planet of Neptune has an approximate mass of 1.02×1026 kg, which is around 17 times the mass of earth.References:NASA: ... Read More »

What is the diameter&mass of neptune?

Scoured by winds that blow faster than the speed of sound, Neptune is frigid and dark and more than 30 times as far from the sun as the earth. Its mass is 1 x 10^26 kilograms, more than 17 times th... Read More »

How many miles are between Neptune and Pluto?

Pluto's orbit is oblong, so it crosses Neptune's orbit every 250 years for a 20-year period. When Neptune and Pluto are at their closest distance, the two planets are approximately 2 billion kilome... Read More »