What is the diagnosis of a rash on hands and feet in 12 month baby?

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What is a rash on the face of a 3-month-old baby a symptom of?

More likely than not, you will encounter a rash on your baby that is sure to sound alarm bells. Take a deep breath and relax: Most rashes are not a symptom of something serious.Common CausesEczema ... Read More »

What condition is associated with cold hands and feet and hyperhidrosis in an 8th month old female?

10 month old and bluish/ purplish feet/ hands?

The only condition I can think of that would cause those symptoms is called Raynaud's Syndrome. It's one of those "Of unknown cause" kind of diseases. I know it usually strikes women more than me... Read More »

Hands and feet feel swollen A little itchy. And ankle area is itchy. Have rash and welts.?

Sounds like skin irritation. Those can develop anytime, even from products/substances you have always been in contact with....