What is the deposit frequency for federal unemployment tax liabilities?

Answer Federal unemployment, like state unemployment, acts as an insurance policy, one that employers have no choice but to pay. The frequency of the payments for federal unemployment tax (FUTA, for short... Read More »

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What is the federal unemployment tax rate for 2009?

The federal unemployment tax (FUTA) rate for 2009 was 0.8 percent. The .008 tax rate assumes that the employer received the maximum credit against federal unemployment taxes. An employer qualifies ... Read More »

What federal agency oversees the unemployment compensation office?

The United States Department of Labor oversees programs related to the American worker. These include unemployment insurance, working conditions, overtime pay and discrimination. Each state adminis... Read More »

Are certificates of deposit insured by the federal government?

On One Hand: FDIC Does Insure Certificates of DepositThe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) does insure certificates of deposits for up to $250,000 per depositor for each separate thrift ... Read More »

2012 direct deposit Federal IRS refund delay?

Tax preparer here. It always amazes me when clients who do not receive their refunds on the anticipated date for one reason or another complain that they needed that money ON that date if not soon... Read More »