What is the defintion of cyber bullying?

Answer Any sort of offensive or threating accusations or material projected toward a person or group of people on websites such as facebook or any other personal relations website.

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A defintion of bullying?

My definition: When one or more people harm, hurt or harass one or more people either physically or emotionally. Everyone's definition's would be different because it's about what their bully did... Read More »

Cyber Bullying! please help?

Two wrongs does not make a right.The same thing happened to me, a girl told me to go kill myself.She is actually insane this girl, she meets all her boyfriends/girlfriends off bebo, tells people sh... Read More »

When did cyber-bullying start?

Bullies are people who gang up to try and intimidate someone. Often they will use lies, insults and attempts at ridicule to try and silence the target of their bullying. Bullies are usually part of... Read More »

How to Stop Cyber Bullying?

Many people go to chat rooms, interact in social media sites, send emails, etc., with the intent of making friends and having a good time. What happens, however, when you end up being bullied? Yes,... Read More »