What is the definition of yield to maturity?

Answer Street Authority defines yield to maturity as a way to measure the annual return an investor would receive if he held a particular bond until maturity. An investor can use yield to maturity to comp... Read More »

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What is yield in stocks?

Investors explore the stock market to compile wealth over the long term. Analyzing stocks according to financial statistics helps them make investment choices. Yield is a frequently cited indicator... Read More »

What Is Nominal Yield?

Nominal yield is the face value of a bond. It is the precise percentage amount that it will yield; it does not account for any other factor like opportunity cost or inflation.

What is a high yield CD?

Certificates of deposit (CDs) provide a relatively safe alternative to investing in equity or bond markets by investing a specified amount of money for a defined period of time. During the time th... Read More »

What is high yield?

High yield is a term applied to certain types of investments--especially bonds, stocks and mutual funds--that are thought to have a large financial return in relation to their purchase price. Typic... Read More »