What is the definition of yield to maturity?

Answer Street Authority defines yield to maturity as a way to measure the annual return an investor would receive if he held a particular bond until maturity. An investor can use yield to maturity to comp... Read More »

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What does yield at 5% mean?

Yield indicates the annual rate of return on an investment represented as a percentage. A dividend is a yield represented as a dollar amount. For example, if stock ABC offers a 5 percent yield and ... Read More »

How to Leg Yield?

A leg-yield is the first stepping stone to movements such as shoulder-in, haunches-in(travers),haunches-out(renvers), half-pass, pirouettes, and any other movement in which the horse is pointing in... Read More »

What is high yield?

High yield is a term applied to certain types of investments--especially bonds, stocks and mutual funds--that are thought to have a large financial return in relation to their purchase price. Typic... Read More »

How many ATP does glucose yield?

Cellular respiration releases energy stored in the chemical bonds of glucose to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is then used to power most cellular functions. For each glucose molecule,... Read More »