What is the definition of workgroup technologies?

Answer Workgroups are a Windows networking technique that makes it easy to set up and beneficial for home users. A Windows workgroup can be set up between two or more computers as a way to share files and... Read More »

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What Is a Workgroup Printer?

The term "workgroup printer" refers to a printer that is set up to accommodate the needs of a group of users. Workgroup printers are usually connected to a network and vary in size based on the pri... Read More »

How to Put an iMac on a Workgroup?

A workgroup is the name of a computer-to-computer network for PCs. Now that Mac computers with Intel processors are more compatible with PCs, adding them to a PC workgroup is easier than ever. Howe... Read More »

What are new technologies based on Computers?

Hey Takumi! :DI m back on YAhoo! after a long time Yahoooooooooooooo!When its Computer~ i think new technologies are ipad!and a new type of comp. is made in Indoneasia!Ya~something like dat.

What are the new technologies of post wimp?

3G specifies a Grove weld, welded in the Vertical (up) position -RedSeal welder