What is the definition of workgroup technologies?

Answer Workgroups are a Windows networking technique that makes it easy to set up and beneficial for home users. A Windows workgroup can be set up between two or more computers as a way to share files and... Read More »

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How to Put an iMac on a Workgroup?

A workgroup is the name of a computer-to-computer network for PCs. Now that Mac computers with Intel processors are more compatible with PCs, adding them to a PC workgroup is easier than ever. Howe... Read More »

How do I change the workgroup name on a Mac?

Access the System PreferencesGo to the "Apple" menu on the upper-left corner and click on "System Preferences..." from the drop-down menu options. Click on "Network" under the "Internet & Network" ... Read More »

What Is a Workgroup Printer?

The term "workgroup printer" refers to a printer that is set up to accommodate the needs of a group of users. Workgroup printers are usually connected to a network and vary in size based on the pri... Read More »

Can't add computer to workgroup?

Rerun networking setup wizard on both computers, using WORKGROUP, or other name besides MSHOME, and make sure both computers are using different computer names, but same workgroup. Make sure you in... Read More »