What is the definition of wind energy?

Answer The movement of air across the Earth's surface creates the basis of wind energy. The kinetic energy present in wind motion emerges through a process of conversion that transforms it into mechanical... Read More »

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What is the initial energy source for ocean currents&wind?

The sun is the ultimate energy source for wind and ocean currents. Differential solar heating of the atmosphere causes pressure differences, causing air to flow from areas of high to low pressure a... Read More »

What is the kilowatt hour cost of wind vs. nuclear energy?

The cost per kilowatt hour of energy fluctuates, but a 2008 study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found that wind power costs between 4 and 9 cents per kilowatt hour while n... Read More »

What is the part on a wind turbine that gathers energy?

The generator in a wind turbine changes kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy. The blades on a wind turbine gather the wind energy and turn a drive shaft, which rotates the generator ... Read More »

What percentage of the energy in Canada comes from wind turbines?

About 1.1 percent of Canada's total electricity demand is met by wind turbines. Wind farms throughout Canada have a capacity of 3,472 MW. Canada plans on building enough wind turbines to supply 20 ... Read More »