What is the definition of wind direction?

Answer The wind direction is determined by the cardinal direction in which the wind is originating. For example, a wind originating from the west and blowing east is a westerly Gl... Read More »

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What is the unit for wind direction?

Wind direction is measured in terms of compass points, i.e., north, south, east or west. Wind can blow bi-directionally as well, such as northwestern, southeastern or in other directions.Source:Wea... Read More »

What direction is the prevailing wind in Oklahoma?

The Wichita mountains of southwest Oklahoma have the strongest prevailing winds in the state. This region boasts strong northerly and southerly prevailing winds, which can be harnessed for wind ene... Read More »

What Measures Wind Direction for Kids?

Wind is air that moves. As the sun heats the Earth's uneven surface, some areas absorb more heat than others, causing warm air to rise. Cold air then moves in to replace the warm air, producing w... Read More »

What direction is Anchorage's prevailing wind?

The overall annual prevailing wind direction in Anchorage, Alaska is north, according to the Western Regional Climate Center. Prevailing wind direction changes throughout the year. October through ... Read More »