What is the definition of white knight in shining armor?

Answer Chivalry is a code of conduct adopted by medieval knights. The white knight in shining armor is a person or entity who embodies those chivalrous values.DefinitionThe white knight in shining armor i... Read More »

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What is the meaning of a knight in shining armor?

If a woman waits for a man to make her happy and solve all her problems, people say she is waiting for a "knight in shining armor." They also say it when someone takes charge of a desperate situat... Read More »

What was a medieval knight's armor made of?

A medieval knight's armor was made of chainmail, which consists of thousands of steel rings locked together. Under the armor, knights wore a padded garment. They also had a leather-covered wooden s... Read More »

How long did it take a knight to get into a full suit of armor?

Medieval armor required the help of servants; otherwise, a knight might not even have been able to put it on, according to Higgins Armory Museum. Although we cannot know the exact time, it takes ab... Read More »

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