What renewable volatile fuel is better than Ethanol?

Answer I have to agree with Jake except that chlorophyl is not the actual fuel, not even in the plants themselves.Methane made from plants would be that answer in that sense. But he is one the right track... Read More »

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What is it called when software is stored in non-volatile memory chips?

Software stored on non-volatile memory chips is called ROM or read only memory. The computer's CMOS and other essential software are written on ROM-chips, which keeps information from disappearing ... Read More »

How volatile is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most commonly found chemical element on Earth, according to "World Book Advanced." Many organic compounds contain hydrogen (called hydrocarbons) that can be highly volatile, such as... Read More »

Is a SIM card volatile?

No it is not. Iphone is an Apple product and uses Apple software.

Is urea volatile?

The volatility of urea in fertilizer is dependent upon two factors: soil pH and soil temperature. As the pH or temperature of the soil increases, higher percentages of urea are volatilized.Referenc... Read More »