What is the main virtue you want to instill in your children?

Answer self esteem and happiness, everything else will follow if you have these :-)

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What virtue of the filipino will be the best benefit for your family and community?

Your stepson's children are your grandchildren if your stepson came into your family at an early age, is "like a son" to you as an adult, or was adopted by you. Some people like to say step-grandch... Read More »

Do you know some great pre-school picture books that discuss the virtue of love?

I teach in the public school system so I can't use faith-based materials, but I would use books like The Kissing Hand, Love You Forever (if you can read it without crying!), and I Love You Stinky F... Read More »

Which publication gives specific guidance that vehicles selected for an individual task must be the one best suited by virtue of size configuration and economy of operation?

You most likely will keep the same rank. You might be able to get a promotion if the MOS you are going into needs people but the person that would have the best answer would probably be a recruiter... Read More »

How do I convert a low definition Flash movie into high definition?

MPEG StreamclipDownload and install the free video conversion program, MPEG Streamclip. (See Resources.) Drag and drop the Flash movie file into the main window. Go to the "File" drop-down menu, an... Read More »