What is the usury law in North Carolina?

Answer Usury in NC According to the page linked to the right:"NORTH CAROLINA, the legal interest rate and the general usury limitis 8%. However, there is a provision for a variable rate, which... Read More »

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Can I Sue a Creditor for Usury?

Usury occurs when a bank or other financial institution loans money to a consumer or business with an illegally high interest rate. Usury is illegal in almost all commercial and consumer-related in... Read More »

Texas Commercial Loan Usury Law?

The Texas Office of the Attorney General, Department of Banking and the Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner administer the consumer debt collection laws in Texas. Chapters 306 and 342 ... Read More »

California Real Estate Usury Laws?

The term usury refers to the act of lending money to a borrower at an interest rate higher than what is allowed by law. Many states, such as California, have enacted laws to protect consumers and d... Read More »

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High definition television is defined by the HDTV standards of 1080 line and 720 line images. Any image format that uses these line counts is regarded as HD. 1080i (interlaced image) and 1080p (pro... Read More »