Definition of Criminal Trespassing in the Second Degree?

Answer There are several types of criminal trespassing, with trespassing in the second degree resting at the mid-level of criminal offenses. The definition rests mainly on the intent and severity of the t... Read More »

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Definition of California State Law for Internet Trespassing?

California is at the forefront of enacting laws prohibiting and criminalizing computer and Internet tampering and in using existing laws of trespass to apply to cyberspace. While the criminal law i... Read More »

Criminal Trespassing Vs. Civil Trespassing?

We've all seen the signs reading "NO TRESPASSING." We do not, however, know the type of trespassing the signs reference. There are criminal forms of trespassing and civil forms of trespassing, an... Read More »

Trespassing Act?

Canada established the Trespass Act to prevent any individual from entering a property that does not belong to them. The Trespass Act gives the property owner authority over his property and allows... Read More »

Trespassing Laws in the UK?

Trespass is the act of illegally entering another person's property. In the United Kingdom all land has an owner and if an individual enters that land without the owner's permission, she is trespas... Read More »