How to Come out As Transgender?

Answer Volunteers distributing educational pamphlets.Coming out as transgender is different for everyone. However, some tried and true methods have been used with some amount of success by many people com... Read More »

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How to Respect a Transgender Person?

If you have recently learned of a transgender person in your life, you might not understand their identity and you may be unsure of how to act around them without offending or hurting their feeling... Read More »

Transgender Beauty Tips?

As a male to female transgender, you may find yourself struggling to conform to society's standards regarding beauty and fashion. Using some common makeup and hair styling techniques will help you ... Read More »

How to Be a Scene or Emo Transgender Female (MTF Teens)?

Being scene is quite fun and popular, but quite complicated for Male-to-Females (MTFs). This guide will help you achieve your goal of being both scene and read as a girl at all times.

How to Transition from a Female to a Male (Transgender)?

This article is a general guide for people who were assigned as female at birth but identifies themselves as male. You do not have to do all of the followings of phyiscally transitioning. You are p... Read More »