What are toxic foot pads?

Answer Toxic foot pads, also known as cleansing detox foot pads, are overnight treatments that claim to remove toxins through the feet.TreatmentAdhesive bandage-like patches are placed on the sole of each... Read More »

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What are the toxic chemicals in hair dye?

One of the most common toxic chemicals found in hair dye is phenylenediamine (PPD). It can cause damage to the respiratory, nervous and immune system, as well as the kidneys and liver. It may cause... Read More »

What Maple Trees Are Toxic?

Three species of maple trees may have toxic leaves, according to studies conducted by Cornell University's Department of Animal Science. While red maple trees clearly cause problems for horses who ... Read More »

What are the symtomps and treatment of the toxic goiter...?

a swollen full neck and throat. goiter happens in the thyroid when someone doesn't get a tiny amount of iodine, which is toxic. that's why they iodize salt.

What toxic element is found in apple seeds?

As a trace metal, arsenic is found in apple seed.