How to Measure the Torso?

Answer Contrary to what some would assume, torso size is not dependent on height. It also has little to do with your weight. Short people can have long torsos and vice versa, which is why it's important t... Read More »

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Why is my torso so small?

While some men have a barrel chest, other men have smaller skeletal frames. Look at the other men in your family and compare. It's genetics, plus you are slim. I don't think you look weird; but ... Read More »

How to Use a Torso Track?

This high-impact exercise includes the use of an exercise machine designed to engage all of your abdominal muscles at once.

How to Size Your Torso for a Backpack?

An ill-fitting backpack not only causes immediate discomfort but potentially leads to problems in the future, like aches and pains, bent backs and uncomfortable shoulders. A properly fitted backpac... Read More »

When was the Turning Torso built?

the turning torso officially started to be built on Feb. 14, 2001.