Can a girl get pregnant if her bf ejaculate on a tissue and then 2 hours later she touches the tissue to throw it and its wet and then touches her vagina from outside and its wet too as she is a virgi?

Answer Yes, she could get pregnant

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What is a tissue paper made of?

Tissue paper is a thin and low-weight paper weighing less than 40 grams per square meter. It consists primarily of wood pulp that is processed in different ways, depending on its intended purpose. ... Read More »

What tissue makes up the spleen?

The spleen is made of lymphoid tissue that envelops small arteries. As part of the body's lymphatic system, the spleen filters out dead blood cells as well as foreign materials, helping to purify t... Read More »

What is tissue paper made of?

Tissue paper is made from wood pulp or other vegetable fibers. These may be recycled or virgin fibers. Tissue paper may also include additives to make it stronger or more glossy, such as alum or ro... Read More »

What is the origin of tissue paper?

"A History of Kimberly-Clark: The Virtual Museum of Toilet Paper" reveals that toilet paper was first mentioned in the 14th century records of the Bureau of Imperial Supplies in China. Records show... Read More »