What is your first thought when you see or think of a girl with a tongue piercing First immediate thought?

Answer The more mature section of humanity will say "Oh, ok." The immature and uneducated will be "Oh, you're a whore! u sos stupidz and jeesus and i like jersey shore and snookie is my hero" and then hop... Read More »

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If you masturbated and had a thought about your son masturbating and it turned you on but you do not want him sexually and hated the thought could it break up your marriage and should you worry?

No. That's incest big time. The thoughts of that you are having with your son is not a good thing for a mother . Consider the consequences of your actions.UPDATED ANSWER - No. it isn't incest. In m... Read More »

How to Play What Is My Thought?

A game of quick thinking and clever analogies, this makes for a fun party game for children and adults alike.

My 11 year old daughter had what I thought was her?

don't be worried at all. it is totally normal for girls when they get their first period. for the first couple of years your period is off track. sometimes you get it every six months sometimes eve... Read More »

How to Know What Card Is Being Thought Of?

Although the title suggests that you need a deck of cards, you don't. This is a trick that makes use of a bit of math.