Why is terrorism a law enforcement concern and how homeland security seek to address terrorism threats?

Answer HSPD-5 was issued by President Bush on February 28, 2003, to improve ... incidents by establishing a single, comprehensive national incident management system

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What do the CIA think of terrorism?

How many people die from terrorism?

You first train and they interview you like any other job, except this is the CIA, so they're probably more strict and looks at your entire past and so on.Added: Most persons recruited into the ope... Read More »

What is the UN's policy on terrorism?

There are many crises going on across the Middle East at this point in history and giving the American governmental position on all of them would be time consuming. However, given the timing of th... Read More »

How to Research Terrorism?

"One Man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" - AnonTerrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. There is no internationally agreed definition of terrorism.... Read More »