Can my dogs, cats and my hamster get swine flu if they were near swine flu sick people?

Answer I have it Let me know if you want to use it.

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If a woman is pregnant and she has the swine flu will the baby inside of her catch the swine flu too?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US have released information for pregnant and breastfeeding women, a link is provided below in the related links section. It is as yet unknown... Read More »

If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?

You're kidding, right? You don't seriously believe that, and didn't seriously expect everyone to say "hey, I never thought of that!"They call it 'swine flu' because it originated in pigs. It's actu... Read More »

I am having throat pain not any other symptoms swine flu is i having swine flu?

Well Sajith, a common throat pain has nothing to do with swine flu at all, don't panic & don't worry, the way you react, your body symptoms will react the same way, so these are the symptoms of swi... Read More »

If you get a swine flu shot will the swine flu disappear in a week?

The swine flu shot is used to prevent the flu, not to treat the flu if you already have it. To treat the flu, antiviral medications are more likely to be prescribed, such as Tamiflu.