Who is the most susceptible to salmonella?

Answer old people are especially susceptible to salmonella poisoning, this is why in 2005, the government of Monte Negro, due to an overpopulation of retirees issued a decree to retirement homes to prepar... Read More »

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Who is most susceptible to child abuse?

Any child can be abused you don't have to be a particular type of child. The question is what makes children susceptible to child abuse and that is their parents or people around them. The children... Read More »

Who is susceptible to magnesium deficiency?

About 60 percent of Americans might be deficient in magnesium---a trace mineral needed for 300 different metabolic processes---according to Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., and Nancy Bruning, authors of "Th... Read More »

Are some people more susceptible to lice?

On One Hand: Some Groups are More Prone to LiceSome people are exposed more often than others to head lice, and this increases their risk for infestation. According to the Mayo Clinic and Medline P... Read More »

Why are men more susceptible than women to heart attacks?

The instances of heart attacks is more in males simply because women are protected by the oestrogen hormone. Oestrogen stabilises and protects the lining of the arteries. After women reach the meno... Read More »