What does the suffix"-al"mean?

Answer The suffix "-al" changes verbs and nouns to adjectives. For example, "-al" added to "parent" creates "parental." The same suffix can also suggest a process or action, as when "retrieve" is changed ... Read More »

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What does the suffix"ity"mean?

The suffix "ity" is added to nouns and refers to the state, quality or degree of something. It comes from the French "ité" and the Latin "itat" and "itas." The plural of "ity" is "ities."Source:M... Read More »

What does the suffix"ist"mean?

The suffix "ist" is used to refer to a professional or a person who performs an action. The suffix "ist" is also used to refer to a specialist in a field of study. A few examples of how the suffix ... Read More »

What does the suffix"-ly"mean?

The suffix "-ly" usually changes a root word into an adverb. As an adverb, an "-ly" word describes the action of a verb. This is also called “modifying the verb.” There are some notable excepti... Read More »

What is the domain name suffix?

The domain name suffix is the three letter code (occasionally it is more letters) at the end of a web address, such as the ".com" suffix. It traditionally categorized the web address according to t... Read More »