What is the definition of substantial completion?

Answer AnswerArchitectural definition:The date at which the work or building project, or a designated portion of the work or building project thereof is sufficiently complete, in accordance with the const... Read More »

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Definition of Hospital Substantial Compliance?

Healthcare organizations strive to provide safe and professional care. Hospitals receive regular visits from regulating agencies to determine compliance with state and federal rules. "Substantial c... Read More »

What is a 'substantial' building?

Substantial Building A substantial building is now referred to as a heroon. A heroon (plural heroa, also called a heroum) was a shrine dedicated to an ancient Greek or Roman hero and was used for ... Read More »

What is substantial evidence when determining probable cause?

For an arrest or search to pass muster under the United States Constitution, police must first have probable cause to believe that a crime has been or is in the process of being committed.Misconcep... Read More »

What Is a Construction Completion Bond?

A construction completion bond, or completion bond, is one of many surety bonds used as part of a building contract. A completion bond ensures that the obligor sees the project through to its compl... Read More »