What is the definition of state tax?

Answer State tax is a percentage-based fee charged against the income or property of each resident in the state. The tax percentages charged in each state vary.State Income TaxState income tax is a percen... Read More »

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What is the Washington state disability definition?

Like every U.S. state, Washington state has its own definition of what constitutes a "disability." This definition, updated on July 21, 2007, pertains specifically to issues of discrimination; it ... Read More »

State of the Union address definition?

Definition of California State Law for Internet Trespassing?

California is at the forefront of enacting laws prohibiting and criminalizing computer and Internet tampering and in using existing laws of trespass to apply to cyberspace. While the criminal law i... Read More »

Definition for Subcontractor Vs Employee in the State of Michigan?

People who perform work or services for a business and receive compensation are either legally considered an employee or a subcontractor. Most of the time it is to the benefit of the hiring company... Read More »