Sorry to be stupid, but what is the difference betwwen a modem and a router?

Answer with a modem, you need to dial up to your provider to get connected to the internet. with a router, you are directly on the internet - no dial up needed.

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Sorry to be a sad bint but what does lol mean afta messages!!?

I was also not aware of such short words when i was new to chat, you can refer to list of short forms used on the chat commonly @…@};- A beautiful rose for... Read More »

Sorry, but your device is not compatible with AppsLib... What to do?

Anyone having any luck with this? Coby is saying not their problem, contact Appslib. Of course their site is down.

What does this mean Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro?

You're likely using IE8. If so, click the compatibility button (next to "refresh").

What does forcing young kids to apologize when they aren't sorry teach them in life?

how to lie.if they're not sorry and say that they are then they're lying right?