What is the definition of soft water?

Answer Soft water is water that contains little to no calcium or magnesium. It is not necessarily good drinking water. Hard water may be softened through a process such as reverse osmosis, or by simply ad... Read More »

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If you add softened water to a swimming pool with hard water rather than draining and refilling how could the addition of soft water be corrosive?

The corrosive properties of water are not affected by its hardness. This is a common misconception that can be explained by the types of source water that yield naturally soft or naturally hard wat... Read More »

How does hard water differ chemically from soft water?

The water we use is generally classified into "hard" and "soft" water. While both are safe for use and consumption, their different properties can have a variety of effects. To best use each type o... Read More »

Do you need more laundry detergent in soft water than in hard water?

no,cos soft water form lather readily with water,while hard water doesnt

Soft Water Vs. Hard Water for Hair?

One would argue that soft water leaves a film on your hair, while others insist that hard water makes your hair feel dirty when you are finished washing it. There are two sides to every story. ... Read More »