What is the definition of simple distillation?

Answer Wired Chemist defines simple distillation as a procedure by which two liquids with different boiling points can be separated. Distillation is used when liquids have a boiling point difference of at... Read More »

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What is simple distillation used for?

Simple distillation can be achieved when liquids with vastly different boiling points (at least 50 degrees F) are heated. Each gas is collected as it escapes and cooled to create a pure liquid. Exa... Read More »

What is the purpose of simple distillation?

The purpose of simple distillation is the separation of two liquids that have different boiling points. There must be at least a 50-degree difference in the boiling points to use simple distillatio... Read More »

The Disadvantages of Simple Distillation?

In simple distillation, a mixture of liquids is heated to the temperature at which one of its components will boil, then the vapor from the hot mixture is collected and recondensed into liquid. Thi... Read More »

How to Explain Simple Vs. Fractional Distillation?

Distillation uses the physical properties of boiling to separate mixed liquids into their components. Boiling points differ among different liquid compounds, allowing for the separation of liquids ... Read More »