Who is the shrew in the taming of the shrew and why?

Answer The "shrew's" name is Katharina Minola. However, her sister Bianca and Petruchio refer to her as Kate. Hence, the famous line, "Kiss me Kate." Katherine is the oldest daughter of Baptista, Bianca's... Read More »

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What does a shrew eat?

Shrews eat spiders, snails, slugs, insects and other small invertebrates. Some shrew species depend upon plant matter for food, while others occasionally eat snakes, salamanders, and mice. If two s... Read More »

What was The Taming of the Shrew about?

In a nutshell, it was about a difficult and belligerent woman and a man who loved her anyway getting married and learning to get along splendidly. The Taming of the Shrew was a funny play by Shakes... Read More »

How do I trap a shrew?

Types of Shrew TrapsTrapping, the most cost-effective method of shrew removal, is easily accomplished with commercial traps available in home and garden stores or via online merchants. Snap traps c... Read More »

How do I catch a shrew?

Types of TrapsLive-animal traps such as a cage trap provide a more humane alternative to the snap trap, a typical solution for rodent problems. Cage traps bait the shrew, then shut tightly once the... Read More »