My Car Won't Shift?

Answer Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, the ability to shift your car is necessary. It may be tempting to diagnose the shifter issue on your own, but if the problem is not a low level of transm... Read More »

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What Does a Shift Kit Do?

The labyrinth of passages cast into an automatics transmission's valve-body and the parts used in it are the most determining factors of its shift characteristics. An aftermarket shift kit increas... Read More »

I cant use my shift key!!?

First off, you forgot to let us know which application you are using for creating this "paper".Secondly, your alt key is probably stuck - or possibly the OS thinks it is held down for some reason. ... Read More »

Can anyone help, i have got a sty in my eye and i cant seem to shift it.?

What Is the Shift Solenoid?

A shift solenoid is a component of a vehicle's transmission system regulating the transmission fluid levels in a car.