What is the definition of screen printing?

Answer The logos of football teams, colleges and famous television characters on apparel we wear are all made possible by screen printing. Screen printing is a premier form of printing that has been devel... Read More »

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What is screen printing used for?

Screen printing is a method of printing text and artwork on fabric. This is done by placing a screen that is imprinted with your design on the fabric. Paint is forced through the screen onto the fa... Read More »

How is silk screen printing done?

Artists and designers use silk screen printing to create T-shirts, canvas artwork and clothing art. Companies use silk screen printing to brand materials on clothing and other surfaces. The techniq... Read More »

Is there lead in screen printing ink?

Some screen printing inks contain lead. Direct print plastisol inks are made with lead and even the lead-free version contains 0.025 percent of lead. Water-based inks are non-toxic and lead-free.Re... Read More »

How to Do Screen Printing on Fabric?

Screen printing on fabric is a wonderful way to improve the look of fabric and to make any sort of pattern that suits your needs. You will need a reasonable amount of space and to set aside some ti... Read More »