Would you sacrifice all over again?

Answer Of course everyone gives up something either now or for in the future when they have a baby, wether its not shopping as much or not being able to get out there and do the course or job you want, su... Read More »

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Should i sacrifice my trip for australia for my braces?

It's up to you but it's a life time of beautiful teeth, or a short trip. There will be other opportunities for a trip down under.

What do you feel is a fair sacrifice (if any) for a child to make...?

Hi Julie,I don't believe any child should have to make any sacrifice for a home and love.That said since i've found this forum, I now clearly understand that there is a loss a child must go through... Read More »

How does master chief sacrifice himself in halo reach?

Unless you access the hidden easter egg, Master Chief isn't physically in Halo Reach. Even so, in the easter egg "room," there is only a picture and a small amount of objects alluding to the chief.

What do the American soldiers sacrifice for the United States people?

Sometimes their lives.Sometimes it is only minor body parts.Sometimes it involves life threatening injuries.For some there is psychological damage.There are always long periods away from your famil... Read More »