What resolution is standard definition?

Answer Resolution of either 480 x 640 or 480 x 720 pixels.

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What resolution is high definition?

To qualify as high definition, a television or monitor must be capable of portraying an image in an aspect ratio of 16-to-1---that is, the length of the display divided by the height must equal ab... Read More »

What is the resolution for high definition?

There are several resolutions that are classed as HD: 1920 x 1080 is the most common resolution. 1280 x 720 is also common and used more for sport and fast action content than other types of progra... Read More »

Is wxga resolution high definition?

WXGA is a standard wide-screen resolution for computer monitors. It uses 1366x768 pixels and has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (16:9). Since it uses the correct aspect ration and contains more than 720... Read More »

Definition of Conflict Resolution/Mediation?

Conflict can come to any number of unhappy resolutions; one side can just give in, one can take the other to court and let a judge decide. In worst-case scenarios one or both sides resort to violen... Read More »