What is the definition of refurbished electronics?

Answer Refurbished electronics are electronics that were once malfunctioning or broken but have since been restored to working function by the manufacturer or a repair person. Refurbished electronics are ... Read More »

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What does "refurbished" mean when it comes to electronics?

It means someone already bought it and returned it to the store for some reason or another - then it was sent back to the factory, looked over and if it still worked, it is resold as 'refurbished'.

Are refurbished electronics good?

On One Hand: You Do Not Know Its HistoryWhen buying a refurbished piece of electronic equipment, you do not know its history, according to the Christian Science Monitor. A retailer might have sent ... Read More »

How to Find Refurbished Electronics?

The hunt for refurbished electronics reflects the tenacity of the consumer who is looking for the best bargain on items that he or she will use over time. Basically, the refurbished item is less th... Read More »

What is the difference between refurbished and non refurbished phones?