What is the definition of radiant heat?

Answer Heat that is given off by one source used to heat another object that is not connected to the original source is radiant heat. Radiant heat is also called infrared radiation.Heating TransferHeat d... Read More »

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Is a flame radiant heat or convection heat?

A flame is radiant heat. The flames in a fire give off the heat in a series of waves similar to that of the sun. Convection heat uses a middle source to heat the desired object. That middle sour... Read More »

What Is Radiant Heat in Ranges?

Radiant heat refers to what is commonly known as a "glass top" or "flat top" stove. The glass covering the coils that heat the range heats up and cools down faster than traditional coil ranges.Refe... Read More »

Radiant Floor Vs. Baseboard Heat?

Radiant floor heating offers the warm floor on the bare feet feeling. Baseboard heat provides individual units in each room. Both have certain advantages for the energy conscious consumer. ... Read More »

What boiler temperature is for radiant heat?

Radiant heat boiler temperatures can range from as low as 86 degrees F to as high as 167 degrees F. The boiler temperature has no bearing on how warm the house stays, as this function is regulated ... Read More »