what Is purity?

Answer Purity is considered to be truth. Words that describe purity include real, genuine, authentic and unadulterated. Substances that have been purified have been returned to their original, natural sta... Read More »

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Bourbon Purity Law?

There is a common, if incorrect, myth that bourbon is not bourbon unless it is produced in Kentucky. Although Kentucky is strongly associated with bourbon consumption, it does not have a monopoly. ... Read More »

What Is Water Purity?

Water is the combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom into each molecule. Pure drinking water is essential to life. Purified water can be made from a less-than-pure water source.

Do only Christians have purity rings?

Christians are not the only group that wears purity rings. Many people wear purity rings if they want to show the world that they practice abstinence. As long as you have this mindset, you can wear... Read More »

What is the melting point of purity?

A melting point is a measurable point on a thermometer that flags the precise moment when a solid turns to liquid. It also tells if the substance is in its pure or compounded state, thus the meltin... Read More »