What is the definition of pulmonary respiration?

Answer Pulmonary respiration occurs every time you breathe. Air is taken in through the airways, travels to the lungs and oxygen is exchanged through blood vessels into your body. Carbon dioxide is expell... Read More »

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What is the definition of pulmonary disease?

Pulmonary disease, also referred to as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), represents a group of lung diseases. These lung diseases typically restrict airflow.CausesAccording to the Mayo ... Read More »

Aerobic Respiration Definition?

Aerobic respiration is the method used by our bodies to release energy into our cells. This is accomplished by a series of chemical processes in which our cells convert molecules of a simple sugar,... Read More »

External Respiration Definition?

External respiration is the process by which all living things exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with their environments and is commonly known as breathing. In animals the process is oxygen absorp... Read More »

What is pulmonary neuropathy?

Neuropathy: The name given to a group of disorders involving nerves "Any disease of the nervous system". Symptoms range from a tingling sensation or numbness in the toes and fingers to paralysis. s... Read More »