What is psychosocial history?

Answer A psychosocial history is an evaluation tool used to assess how your physical and mental health are affected by your social environment. Doctors and clinicians use this history when trying to link... Read More »

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What Is Psychosocial Adaptation?

Psychosocial adaptation is a medical term used in the fields of psychology and rehabilitation. The word "psychosocial" is defined in the Dictionary of Nursing as: "involving or relating to both the... Read More »

Psychosocial Development Activities?

Psychosocial development in children involves development of the individual's sense of self, including confronting issues such as identity, autonomy, intimacy, sexuality and achievement. Children m... Read More »

Psychosocial Development of Toddlers?

Toddlers are typically defined as those little ones between the ages of one and three years old. Children at this age are growing and developing in leaps in bounds physically, cognitively and psych... Read More »

Psychosocial Development in 2- to 6-Year-Olds?

Erik Erikson was an influential psychologist who was born in Germany in 1902. His famous theory of psychosocial development posited that humans go through eight stages which occur in specific chro... Read More »